Making it easier - User tips and best practice
document numbering convention
First time setup of Drawman
  • Set up on one computer first before installing on others.
  • Customize report templates and User options to suit your company.
  • Create new database files saved on a shared and backed-up network drive. Give the database files unique names.
  • Do not use generic names such as “projDB.mdb”, and do not save the database files in the drawman program folder. Drawman uses two database files. One for project data and the other for addresses and company information.
    A good naming convention would be:
    "companyname_projDB.mdb" and "companyname_officeDB.mdb"
  • Designate one user as the Drawman Administrator. It is best to direct all system problems and User queries through this person.
  • Create a project/drawing/revision numbering convention and get everyone to stick to it! Enforce a company policy that ensures consistency in using Drawman, adding new documents as soon as created, updating revision status and issuing.
  • Install Drawman on other computers. It is best to give all project staff access to Drawman.
  • Brief all Drawman users on company policy regarding Drawman usage. Let the Drawman Administrator run through the basic program functions with other users.
  • Start by entering a brand new project on the system.
Best practice document numbering convention
Drawman places only a few restrictions on field lengths and most existing numbering conventions should work well in Drawman, however some systems that work well in a manual drawing register will create havoc in a database system. We recommend adhering to the following guide when creating a document naming convention:
Field Length restriction (characters incl. spaces) Case sensitive List order Examples Remarks
Project Number 15 Drawman will convert to uppercase Alpha numeric

Use fixed length to avoid list order problems

Avoid unnecessarily long numbers
Document/ drawing number 30 30 Drawman will convert to uppercase Alpha-numeric

Use fixed length to avoid problems
Each project could have a different convention.

A document number should neverchange after the document has been issued.

User different number series for different categories. A large complex project may need a longer document number. Keep the system logical and as simple as possible
Revision 2 Yes N/A 00
03 etc
Use different numbering to distinguish project stageseg P1-P9 for preliminaryD1-9 for detailed design.

Drawman recognizeslater revisions by the issue number not revision number. The first issue should always have a revision and should not be blank
Group 150 Yes Alpha-numeric

Use a fixed length alpha-numeric prefix to force desired list order
011:Civil: Roads:Route 21

012:Civil:Roads:Route 22
Filename 60 Yes N/A P1001-100.dwg The filename should not have the revision as part of the name. The name should not change once captured.

Client Testimonials
"Excellent software, easy to use and makes drawing issue a breeze. A must for any drawing office!"
"Drawman is an extremely User Friendly program which has made tedious tasks in the drawing office so much quicker. The turnaround time for the support that Tim supplies is quick and one is never made to feel that your problem is too trivial."
- Goba
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